It’s very important that your cake not only  looks unique and fabulous, but it must taste delicious too. All our cakes are therefore made using the highest quality ingredients including real butter, free range eggs, Dutch processed chocolate, fresh berries and more. All our cakes are covered in a layer of Swiss merengue butter cream (SMBC) before we add the fondant that creates a flawless look.

Cake /Cupcake Flavors

Delicious  Vanilla cake
– Vanilla sponge cake  , layered with any choice of the SMBC

Lemon Delicacy cake
– Lemon Zest cake layered with raspberry SMBC and a thin layer of lemon curd

Lemon Pop seed cake
– Lemmon zest cake with pop seed layered with lemon SMBC and a thin layer of lemon curd

White Chocolate Cake
– White chocolate cake with strawberry SMBC

Vanilla Salted Caramel Cake
– Vanilla sponge cake layered with salted caramel and a thin layer of vanilla SMBC

Apple Caramel Spicy  Cake(***)
– Caramel cake with cinnamon and cardamom layered with vanilla SMBC

Chocolate Orange Cake
– Orange cake layered with chocolate SMBC and orange syrup

– Chocolate cake layered with coffee SMBC and coffee syrup

Tiramisu cake(***)
– Vanilla sponge cake layered with chocolate ganache, thin layer of vanilla SMBC and coffee syrup

Red Velvet
– red velvet cake layered with cream cheese icing

Cream Cheese Pound cake(***)
– cream cheese pound cake layered with raspberry SMBC

Vanilla butter Pecan(***)
– Vanilla sponge cake with pecan bites layered with French vanilla SMBC

Dark chocolate cake
– Chocolate cake layered with chocolate ganache(***) , chocolate SMBC mixed with raspberry jam

Coconut passion cake
– Coconut cake layered with passion and pineapple SMBC

Carrot cake
– carrot cake layered with cream cheese or white chocolate SMBC

Filling Flavors ( Swiss Merengue Buttercream- SMBC)
Vanilla SMBC
Chocolate SMBC
Cream cheese SMBC
Pineapple SMBC
Passion fruit SMBC
Strawberry SMBC
French Vanilla SMBC
Coffee SMBC
Peanut butter SMBC
Blueberry SMBC(***)
Blackberry SMBC(***)

Please note that all our cakes contain dairy products and are made in a kitchen where nuts are used.
***There’s an extra charge for the custom cakes (please contact me for details)