Because Arnie Sweets cakes are completely custom made and priced individually by the complexity (intricacy) of their design, we do not have a standard price list. But I’ve included the basic starting price to give you an idea. Sugar flowers are priced individually if the cake requires a lot of sugar flowers. Otherwise it’s part of the Basic price cost.

Single tiers

Size( Inches) Approximate Number of servings Price( $5.00/serving)
6” 10 servings $50.00
7” 15 servings $75.00
8” 20 servings $100.00
10” 35 servings $175.00
12” 50 servings $250.00

Two tiers

Size( Inches)- Round

Approximate Number of servings Price( $5.00/serving)

7” & 5”

25 servings $125.00

8” & 6

30 servings


10” & 8” 55 servings


12” & 10” 85 servings


Multiple tiers can be combined to feed a large amount of people , simply add the number of servings at the rate of $5.00/serving.
Dummy cakes are offered at 15% off from the original price of a cake depending on the size.

Sculpted Cakes:

Any custom carved cakes start price is $120.00 min serving of 15-20 people Additional charges may apply depending on complexity of design and servings required. Due to the nature  of carved cakes, the final design will include fondant finishing.

Custom add-ons available at additional cost:

Edible sugar crowns  from  $25.00/ea.
Edible sugar flowers – from $35.00(Single flowers are not charged)
Edible sugar Shoes  $50.00 /each ; Pair – $85.00
Edible Images – $10.00
Baby shoes – from $25.00
Custom edible figurines – from $35.00